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Better than Andromeda! Better than Star Trek! It's Gene Roddenberry's Noob Mercs!

I have added a shiny new interface in the picture sections for your extra enjoyment of the pretty screenies!
Congrats to the winners who recieved some nice isk prizes for the kills and best fittings!
And a big thank you to everyone who participated. I hope you all enjoyed it! :)

If you have any clips, screenshots or other media to contribute please feel free to contact me:

Julius Rigel in game


always_leifer_n at hotmail dot com


Random Quote

Oh Lord..." - Fast

The fleet of twenty-something destroyers head for 0.0 where we find a twenty-something FOUNDATION alliance gatecamp consisting battleships, interceptors, recon ships and the likes. Fair enough.
We agress them and soon discover they are equipped with a whole array of cheap tricks; Warp Core Stabs, Cynosural Field Generators and a big can of "Run away until the carriers show up to defend us from the ebil destroyers!".

Carriers jump in. We quickly become space debris.

We found this so hilarious that we decided to go back to scare them some more in our Noobships of D00M! Cue motherships here. Or titans. We will see.

Once we got back to the system we found no trace of the FOUNDATION alliance gate camp. Apparently they panicked and ran away while we were still heading back. What we found instead was a lone Heavy Interdictor which, unlike the previous campers had the balls to stick around and fight us. We came at him with all our noobship might and he fought back, valiantly popping us one after the other.
Kudos to Zephirz who had the balls to face all twelve of us alone when FOUNDATION could only bring us a fleet-full of weak sauce.

"This is what happens when you combine acid and gate-camping; the destroyers look way bigger than they really are!" - DJ FunkyBacon