Next week:
Better than Andromeda! Better than Star Trek! It's Gene Roddenberry's Noob Mercs!

I have added a shiny new interface in the picture sections for your extra enjoyment of the pretty screenies!
Congrats to the winners who recieved some nice isk prizes for the kills and best fittings!
And a big thank you to everyone who participated. I hope you all enjoyed it! :)

If you have any clips, screenshots or other media to contribute please feel free to contact me:

Julius Rigel in game


always_leifer_n at hotmail dot com


Random Quote

"My Claymore was jammed by a Badger!" - Tayler Derden
Droneswarm! An amazing amount of drones flying everywhere! We headed into 0.0 to find trouble, and soon discovered trouble was camping a gate we had passed earlier. It was a very entertaining fight and we took down quite a few juicy targets before we were sent zooming back to our respective clone vats.